Sandy Lieberson

The photo of me in football equipment was taken at Fairfax High school. I would say summer 53 when I had just turned 17. I was a total fuckup at school. expelled a couple of time for stupid adolescent stuff and one fight with my phys ed teacher, Mr. Valentine. I had got him so upset he slapped my face and I hit him back.

The Fox photo with Dennis Stanfill….i had been VP International Production & Marketing for Fox. Loved the job. Took me japan, australia, etc. when Alan Ladd, President of production resigned I was given his job and moved to hollywood/beverly hills actually! I didn’t particularly want the job but by taking it they let Ladd out of his contract so he could set up a new company at Warner Bros. the understanding with Ladd was that at end of my contract feb 1980 I would join him at his new company and I think Stanfill knew it so there was tension between us from the beginning.

Academy Award…the closest I got to getting an oscar. Picked it up on behalf of the National Film & TV School.

Madrid workshop…i love working with young filmmakers and this was a group of 200. Workshop was based around use of music in film soundtracks and I loved showing them how powerful music is in enhancing the power of the visual.